Thursday, June 7, 2012

late night Lombard.

On Monday evening we rented a Zipcar for a shopping trip across the bridge to Ikea & Target. When we got back into the city and unloaded all of our stuff, we still had a half hour left on our car reservation. After a high-focused 2-minute conversation about where we should drive with our precious 30 minutes, we decided on Lombard Street, the famously crooked road.

 photo sourced from the terrible tew

I felt giddy like a kid in the passenger's seat as we approached the top of the street, where you can see so much of the city. We rolled down our windows and I actually said "weee" on the way down (an emblem of true fun). Lombard has eight hairpin turns down a very steep hill in just one block's distance. Finn even did some really swervy driving for one portion, a technique that always guarantees a hearty laugh out of me thanks to years of conditioning by my big brother Lee

Being 10:30 at night on a Monday, there was no line to wait in (a factor which people often complain about) & the city was all lit up and looking gorgeous. And because it was so last minute, we had no expectations which usually makes mini adventures more fun in my opinion. We couldn't have planned it better if we had tried! We drove down once more before heading back to return the car. I'm thankful to be in San Francisco and especially thankful to live here with Finn. He has an up-for-anything attitude & makes little things infinitely more fun. It's funny how driving down some hill feels like a date when you're in love.

. . .


  1. That looks like so much fun! I can picture Matthew swerving the car and making his goofy noises (you know like, guuaahhhh). I can picture you smiling so big at the simple pleasures in life. Great post. Well written. You, my seester have a talent.

    1. thanks summer! that boy sure knows how to make me laugh.