Friday, June 1, 2012

another side EP.

There is a musician named Daniel Levi Goans.

He dreams/writes/plays exceptionally wonderful folk music. This is him and his wife Lauren earlier this year in France, where they did a bit of recording and touring. I can pretty much guarantee that if you spent 10 minutes with these two people, you would immediately love them and want to be their neighbors. Daniel, who has been playing music for over 10 years, is one of the most creative, deep-thinking, intentional, and passionate humans and musicians I've met. His music is poetry. Lauren is an incredible artist with a dear heart & bright smile who now sings alongside him, an excellent addition to his sound.

Today they release the Another Side EP. I recommend you spend $5 and enjoy it. 

"The Southern folk tunes of Daniel Levi Goans are exceptionally -intimiate & classy....a harmonic delight with an uncanny ability to stir up pleasant emotions, child-like memories, & good 'ol Southern fun".
-Inside World Music

Basically, his music is very good. You might want to check it out.

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