Saturday, June 23, 2012

golden gate stroll.

Yesterday afternoon Sarah and I walked across the 1.7 mile Golden Gate Bridge in the cold San Francisco summer weather everyone has been telling me about (I believe them now). The day after she arrived, the temperature dropped to 50º and hasn't climbed above 55º since. It's not bad, we've just layered up and carried on. Our crossing of the bridge was very picturesque with porpoises below and panoramic views of the city behind us. The Golden Gate Bridge really is a marvel...we kept looking up during out walk and were dizzied by its giant towers.

Once we reached the other side we got to ride up into the hills of Marin Headlands a bit, which feels like Jurassic Park compared to the city. It's all green and wild and the air smells so good. I cannot emphasize how refreshing the air is there. Afterwards, in proper beth-and-Sarah form, we returned home to change into pajamas, eat cereal, and Sarah napped. It is so nice having a friend here, it makes it feel more like home.
. . .


  1. wish we could average our temperatures! Then we'd both be 70 degrees. Whew - I would prefer the cold!

  2. Sounds fun! Glad you are have an old friend visiting to make you feel at home again. I would like some of that cold too!

  3. I can't believe it's over 100 in NC. Wish I could send some of our chilly breeze your way!