Thursday, June 28, 2012

other sarah-times.

Sarah's time here zoomed by. Maybe because it's just easy to be together or because we kept so busy, but it seemed like no time passed at all from when she got off the train at Powell Street Station to when we had to wave goodbye. I'm so glad she visited me - we talked about everything, laughed often, and struck a good balance of seeing a lot and resting too. Here's a hodge-podge of other pictures I like from her visit. 

The first place we went when she arrived: the SF zoo (obvious choice).
Us on a bear. Asking another adult to take this picture wasn't the most comfortable situation.
A most majestic lion waiting for his feeding. I've never been so close to one! He was so regal. (ps he isn't always in this little cage, just for his meal!)
Loved this little guy. It took me a very long time to cut down on the
number of zoo pictures I wanted to share.  Consider yourself spared.
We walked along the beach and stuck our toes in the FRIGID water. I think if Alcatraz were in the Atlantic, way more people would have tried to leave. 
Saturday market. We ate extremely good burgers for lunch.
Beginning our walk across the Golden Gate bridge.
Us in our natural state.

. . .


  1. Look at that otter! these pictures make me so happy and sad all at the same time.

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  3. Looks like you two had a blast! So glad you got to have a good friend for a week (not that Matthew's not a good friend, he's just not the best at being a girl :)

  4. I love a zoo! (I'm going next time I come!!) The picture at the farmer's market brings back a happy memory :)