Friday, June 29, 2012

liney arrives.

Caroline (also a seriously best friend) was my roommate for all of college and just got back from South Africa last month - I have only seen her a handful of times in the past year and am ecstatic to have her as a roomie once again, even if it's just for a week. We have shared so much of life in the past 5 years, she is family to me. And two of my other best friends will be here in a few days - I love this month!

Now purely for entertainment, I will share a story that encapsulates 
the ridiculousness that is Caroline and why I love her so much:

While in South Africa, Caroline had her birthday and her friends in Cape Town threw a surprise "tacky-themed" party in her honor. After a few months of knowing Caroline, these nice people knew a dress-up party would be perfect and encouraged the attendees to arrive in wild garb. That evening, Caroline received a text that read, "you have 30 minutes to get as ugly as you can". Caroline got to work. Other people came in what they considered to be zany: mismatched pieces of clothing, outdated glasses, pajama pants, 2 different earrings or a backwards shirt - overall very mild adjustments to their everyday wear.  

What these friends did not expect was the sheer level of commitment with which Caroline would approach her own costume and the wild disregard she'd have for still looking cute. Caroline took the full 30 minutes to become as ugly as possible and succeeded wildly. I give you a photo of the amazing masterpiece she created:

(building suspense)

Can you guess which one is Caroline?

. . .


  1. this is perfect! Rachel Cooley and I are crying over here looking at that picture. have fun with caroline!

    1. makes me happy to imagine you guys laughing so hard. i love it too

  2. Outstanding. That is pure entertainment.

  3. Bahahahahahahah she is ridiculous! I laughed SO HARD!

  4. the others are "dressed up" by the way.