Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a bike ride.

A few days ago, I had a heavy homesick feeling for the North Carolina summer and my people back home. The knowledge that we live here is settling in and it's thrilling and/or heartbreaking depending on the day (for the record, good days far outnumber the bad). This was an off day. Finn was heading to the US Open for the afternoon and I had to get out. Mostly I wanted to be in nature. 

I decided on a bike ride in Golden Gate Park, which is this magnificent 1,000 acre piece of land on the west side of town. The park is home to a modern art museum, a science museum aquarium, the Japanese tea gardens (remember this?), and then tons of beautiful green spaces and little lakes. An afternoon among some trees was just what I needed and I even rode to the beach, which lies at the park's edge. The ride was wonderful and the air was refreshing and full of nature scents (as opposed to the delightful bus-smog/urine fragrance of the city). Also, I did a little exploring to see what the "Bison Paddock" on the map was all about, and it's actually a field of REAL BISON. I was very surprised at this discovery.

After my ride, I stopped off at the park's Rose Garden and laid in the grass. I talked to Finn's mom on the phone and she was reassuring and loving, like the good mama she is. I felt better being in all that open space, enjoying in San Francisco an aspect that I much adore about home. The fresh air did me some good. The day was redeemed tenfold and Finn even took me out for a proper Southern dinner after arriving home. We ate fried chicken and corn bread and tried to buy furniture from the restaurant. I love that man. 


1. San Francisco does not actually smell like bus-smog and urine. But it definitely
doesn't smell as good as thousands of trees and happy family barbecues.
2. If you ever visit SF and want to bike through Golden Gate too, rent your bike
here! Instead of taking my bike on the bus (which still intimidates me if we're being honest),
I rented a bike and it was just $5 per hour. This rental place is just across the street
and their bikes were nice. They even give you a map of the park. See the bison I say!

. . .


  1. A bike ride to the beach, and laying (lying?) in the grass looking at magnificent roses has to be good for the soul. I was so happy to talk to you.

    When you have sad moments of homesickness, think about standing in our kitchen when I've just jingled the dog collars - signaling the boys for their walk.

    Then picture the ensuing madness...and Buster pitching in with his unrelenting howl....and all of them doing whirlies...Now THAT picture will make you LONG for the peace of San Francisco! :)

  2. I LOVE that imagery. I miss those boys (and you!)