Monday, June 11, 2012

farmer's market + a comic.

On Saturday while Finn was sailing, I went to the Farmer's Market, which has become one of my most favorite parts about living in SF. Set up along the Embarcadero every Saturday, the big market surrounds the Ferry Building with the back portion overlooking the bay. The stands have everything from fruits & veggies to homemade sodas and lavender salts and, best of all, free samples! It's such a treat to go, even if you don't buy anything. You can sample till you're full then sit by the water and listen to art students play live music.

This week I bought strawberries, apricots, and some BaBa Ghanoush (basically delicious hummus). I wanted to buy up all the blueberries & nectarines too, but I limited myself by bringing a specific amount of cash and only 1 medium-size bag. It's really easy to get carried away there. We've already finished the apricots and over half the strawberries - everything is delicious!

I would also like to share that this particular Saturday happened to be San Francisco's 9th annual "World Naked Bike Ride" day (yes, this is a real thing). See below.

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  1. yummy pictures! And a funny cartoon! Glad you are taking it all in over there in your new world.

  2. Haha! This still cracks me up. Wish I could have gone with you to the FM, I like that place so much too (and I really like going to new ones). Wishing you were here!!