Saturday, May 5, 2012

cinco de lee.

Happy Graduation Lee!

Today, my awesome and beloved brother Lee graduates from ECU's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. He will surely be an excellent physical therapist and already landed a job like a champ.  I love my brother tons & would like to be at his graduation today, where I would undoubtedly text him and try to make him laugh instead of behaving. Lee is brilliant, hilarious, caring, an excellent chef, boyfriend to a really cool girl, and 
pretty much an olympian runner (at least compared to me). Really though, he is super speedy.

lee at his graduation earlier today, compliments of my mom.

Here is an entertaining sequence of my brother photobombing us girls at the beach. 
This is quintessential Lee: playful, funny, and forever working towards his life 
goal of trying to irritate his sisters. He puts a fun and/or competitive spin 
on nearly everything, one reason I like him so much. 

quintessential lee.
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Congratulations smartie Lee! Love you brother.

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