Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a movie pick-me-up.

Today I felt a little down. Nothing too serious, just a culmination of small things that had me off my normal cheery state. Mostly I'm eager to work again and keep hoping I'll enter the working world very soon. Even now, something I'd love might be right around the corner (fingers crossed) but it's the continuous state of waiting for the unknown that wears on me. That on top of some basic home-missing and a lack of creative inspiration for the day (and perhaps some dehydration) made me a little Charlie-Brown mopey.

So I went to the movies! 

I saw Wes Anderson's most recent Moonrise Kingdom. Anderson has also directed Fantastic Mr. Fox, Rushmore, The Life Aquatic (and many others) & has a very distinct aesthetic quality to his films that I really like. His sources of narration are creative, every detail is intentional, the framing of shots is very photographic, and his direction with film work is sometimes literally linear, panning left to right like a story book. Even the coloring of his films is so unique, which you can kind of see in screenshots below...

I enjoyed myself immensely. Normally we wait to see movies once they're in redbox, but this was a needed special treat that helped turn my day around (along with some videos of my parents' dogs). As far as recommending people to see it, it just depends on the person. I love Wes Anderson movies but my sister, for example, does not. His style doesn't suit everyone so here is the trailer if you'd like to get an idea of it. 

If anyone else has had a down day, I hope you feel better soon!

. . .


  1. dat movie looks ow-sum. totally goin to see it (when it comes out on the redboxes)

  2. you know we are all about redbox!

    1. That movie looks intriguing. Nicolas likes the movies you mentioned. I bet Erin and he would like this one too.