Saturday, June 9, 2012

this week.

A few photos from our week:

We went to a birthday party at a cool bar called Raven. That's our friend Jeff - he's from NC too!

I had a couple of exciting job interviews. Blazer power.

We enjoyed a burrito picnic in Yerba Buena Gardens.

Yes, I'm still wearing backwards hats. 

I ate Beard Papa pastries with a new friend Ellen. She's from Belgium too.

We went to Sugar Cafe with the TwitSpark team and scored the coveted fireside sofas. 

Poor quality photo, awesome quality guys - John and Davy.

Sorry guy whose butt will forever be pictured on this post.

We finished off our Friday with a late-night date to The Avengers, complete with snuck-in sodas & snacks. I tend to like pretty much every movie I see so my opinion doesn't hold much weight in my friends' eyes, but I thought it was awesome. Then again, I'm easily entertained. All in all, it's been a really great week!

. . .


  1. Great pics! I like the first one, you two look so Happy.. and Jeff looks happy too! You look awesome in the blazer, I'm sure you kicked rear end. Pretty park, makes me wanna be there with you. You know those pastries make this girl drool. The first seats look cool. And the last picture kinda looks like you two are being blown by wind. Miss you!

    1. you're so loving & positive. that jet is one lucky baby!!!

  2. Lol @ the wind-comment above :)

  3. it makes me so happy to see you loving life so much out there. im glad it is good and that you are enjoying it! god is good.

    1. can't wait for you to be here friendy!!