Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a post worth waiting for.

I'd like to break my blog-silence with a worthy tale that will surely appease the anxieties that have plagued you over the past week as you've surely wondered where I've been.

This tale begins in the beautiful Japanese Tea Garden of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The day was lovely and my mom, aunt, & I paid a visit to the garden to see the manicured bushes, arched drum bridge, and koi ponds. We discussed history, plants, and books. It was a pleasant afternoon.

At one point, my mom got a wee bit hungry as we'd been galavanting around the city for hours. Innocently, she pulled out a bag of trail mix, which seemed to catch the attention of this "cute" fellow:

Mesmerized by the bag of peanuts, m&ms, & pretzels, he leapt upon this post, unfazed (yes that is the correct spelling) by my proximity while taking his picture. He was utterly transfixed on her midday treat. Moments later, he hopped down, nearly touching my mom's shoe! 
"Look how close he is," we exclaimed! "How cute," we thought.


Very quickly, the situation took a turn for the worse as he aggressively GOT ON MY MOM. He was quickly making his way up her leg but with her quick thinking, she warded off this squirrelly rapscallion by tossing said trail mix away from her person. Thankfully, he retreated to gather his treasure & he didn't reach her head/face. Lesson learned: be wary of the Japanese Tea Garden squirrel gang who will stop at no obstacle to procure a nutty snack.

In all seriousness, isn't this crazy/gross? If that squirrel had climbed my leg, I would have flipped out - screaming, running, etc. If any of my enemies visit, I'll take them here and hide peanuts in their pockets. 

Also for anyone familiar with  the C+C Music Factory song"Everybody Dance Now", isn't this the most realistic manifestation possible of the line "tryna get a nut, so move that butt"?? I think so.

. . .


  1. That is nuts :)

  2. OMG this literally made me laugh out loud! Your reference to the classic 90s one-hit-wonder truly makes this a masterpiece post.