Tuesday, May 15, 2012

tourist for a week.

The week spent with my mom & aunt was such a gift. The weather was peculiarly warm & wonderful the whole week and we adventured all around San Francisco and its surrounding nature-lands, allowing me to know (and consequently love) our new home much more. I'd like to share our outings over the course of a few posts since there's so much to share. 

I must say having your mom & aunt as first visitors is completely ideal, as the trip is void of pressure to plan things or be an excellent tour-guide. They were patient as I figured out public transportation, flexible when it came to the day's agenda, understanding when I got huffy, and overall just cozy to be with. Plus my mom bought me like $30 worth of pastries WOOT WOOT. gotta love moms!

Filled with excitment their first morning here, I kept peeking on them
hoping there would be positive correlation between # of peeks & likelihood
to wake up (no significant findings to report).

Once we were all up & at 'em, we rode a cable car up to Fisherman's Wharf. The cable car line is only two streets from our apartment & though a ride is expensive, it is fun! I opted to hang off the side with all the under-10-year-olds like a boss. 

At Fisherman's Wharf we made a last-minute decision to enjoy a boat tour of the bay after the employee agreed to give us all senior discounts (for which none of us qualified by the way) - huzzah!! We went under the Golden Gate, rounded Alcatraz, & at certain points froze our buns off (see below). I'm learning the weather turns very quickly here.

We also spotted lots of seals & sea lions as I had hoped. I want to hug one.

One day we visited the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park in west SF. We touched starfish, watched penguins play, and stood in awe of the aquarium creatures. We also sat through the imax feature which was a touch too soothing & I fell asleep.

all about some animals.
thanks mom for taking the coolest picture of me ever.

Other highlights included Dolores Park which has a kid's dream playground, the views from Coit Tower which I will never voluntarily hike to again, and the Farmer's Market where we bought dried lavender, cucumber-pineapple tea, fresh baked bread, and tabouli. San Francisco is fun!

the best place to enjoy a treat at the farmer's market.

There is lots more to share & I'll keep it coming. Thanks so much to my mom 
& Nancy for visiting. I love you both and miss you already!

. . .

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