Thursday, May 31, 2012

flower money.

As a gift for my birthday, my mom and sister gave me "flower-money", money intended only for the purchase of beautiful flowers (what a brilliant gift!)Not groceries, not prescriptions, just flowers. For 3 weeks I've been searching for a good downtown stand, and finally stumbled upon one yesterday after taking Finn lunch. Located at Geary & Stockton, this stand has the best selection and prices I've seen yet. 

My selection included a few sunflowers, blue & purple delphiniums, and a bunch of irises (which I carried at our wedding - I'll love them always). I felt instantly more glamorous cradling that brown paper parcel and was beaming the whole way home, proud to carry such a colorful bunch of flowers under my arm. I split up the portion into two messy bouquets, which now grace our living & dining rooms.

In my opinion, fresh flowers brighten a room like nothing else. See evidence below.



What a transformation!

Having the experience of freely picking out lovely flowers without my nagging conscious whispering "should you really be spending money on flowers?" was a special treat. And I have some money left over, so I'll get to enjoy the experience again sometime soon. What a great gift! Also, it turns out that taping faces on furniture is shockingly fun. There I was, alone in my apartment, laughing at the sudden cuteness of our sideboard.

Hooray for flowers!

sidenote: the metal plates on the ground are for earthquake protection. aren't they fetching?

. . .


  1. i want to come over! i absolutely love your selection. hope they last for days & days. : ).

    robin jan

  2. ps: sorry. i am not so savvy with the whole commenting thing. i'll get it down. just you wait.

    1. it actually is confusing! a better format should be invented. i don't blame you one bit.

  3. remember when we put googly eyes on utensils in lenoir? this post reminds me of that :)

  4. I love this post especially. As Robert used to say, 'Y'all love y'allchother