Friday, May 18, 2012

the makings of team martin.

Yesterday, one of my dearest & best friends, Alison, said yes to her beloved Jacob as he asked her to be his wife in a beautiful field in North Carolina. They are engaged & elated. I am beyond thrilled - I am brimming with excitement & praise. The thought of my dear Alison as the strong & lovely & gracious wife she will surely be brings joyful tears to my eyes. Really though, I've cried several times since hearing the news (I'm a cryer). I even teared up in front of the guy installing our internet like a crazy - I am so happy for these two!

aren't they a good looking couple??

Alison took me to brunch the day after I got engaged. She, dressed as a tiger, put on my dinosaur-bride veil at my animal-themed, zoo-scavenger-hunt bachelorette-party (my friends are awesome). She cheered with joy at our wedding and has been a most loving friend, intentionally encouraging me in my faith and marriage constantly. Alison is a blessing of a friend & will certainly be a precious gift of a wife. 

I am moved to think of the beautiful season she's entering into with Jacob (who is such an honorable & awesome guy by the way). My marriage to Finn has grown me and enriched my life in many ways and I expect no less for these two. Their relationship is healthy, honest, playful, full of mutual respect & adoration, and has the most solid of foundations. I have full faith they will lead a wonderful life together. I can't wait to write "the Martins" in my address book!

Congratulations Alison and Jacob. We are for you!

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