Wednesday, May 2, 2012


There is so much to do & see in London and many of the museums and galleries are free, which is certainly nice, especially when you’re feeling a bit "monetarily downtrodden" due to an unfavorable exchange rate. The incredible metro system makes exploring easy (and inexpensive) & traveling with Finn is like having a personal GPS. He’s incredible at navigation, a skill in which I am severely lacking so I’m thankful to be mindlessly rolling my suitcase behind him wherever we go.

By the end of our trip, we: visited Savile Row, the British Museum, Kensington Gardens, the Sherlock Holmes museum 
& London Zoothe Tate Modern, walked along the Thames & and waved hello to Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, & the statues 
in Trafalgar Square. Some destinations are pictured below…have a look if you’d like!

Savile Row, the golden mile for tailoring!
Also, if you hang out with me, i'll make you point at stuff
and embarrass you in front of the passersby.

my aslan at trafalgar square.

primrose hill near our hotel by regent park.

happy in the gardens aside buckingham palace.

so glad we visited during bloom-time.
below: big ben & the london eye.

Of all our premeditated destinations, the Tate Modern was a site I certainly didn’t want to miss. It’s famed for its huge and diverse collection of modern art, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed gazing at and reading about. Even if I didn't care for the particular piece, it's fun to read the adjoining text & envision what the artist intended to convey. So many creative (and perhaps drug-induced) minds have created beautiful, mysterious, and stirring works that are simply just fun to see. Many of the installations feel like dreams and the short time we spent there was a highlight of our time in London for me.

the art timeline stretches across a giant wall. i love the layout - so cool!

dream like.

a little sample of things we saw.

Our time in London was big fun & I'm thankful I got to tag along with Finn. 
I loved the time we spent together when he hasn't working & enjoyed 
poking around the city on my own the rest of the time. 
All in all, a smashing success! Hoorah!

. . .

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