Friday, May 25, 2012

our apartment: teeny things.

Many things make our apartment a home: each other, photos of people we love, our art, beloved books, cozy blankets, a putt-putt machine, and.....teeny things. I (along with my sister) have always held a tender place in my heart for items unusually small and these little treasures somehow make our space more feel more homey to me. There's nothing esoteric about this appreciation. They are just really cute things & I love them. 

1. Chair: gifted by my sister, this wonderful little seat serves as a bottle opener too. 
2. Whale: discovered and immediately purchased at an NC flea market on a hot summer day. I paid $2. He sits just inside our front door on a shelf, there to welcome all.
3. Buffalo: I honestly have no idea where he came from. He's a staple in this house. I think Finn secretly kind of hates him because I frequently find him knocked over.
4. Clothespin: No special story here. You can buy a bag at Michaels. However, it has inspired me to find a teeny shirt and hang it on a teeny line to dry.
5. Ship: gifted by my mother, this tall ship is one of my favorite possessions. The box it sits upon came totally separate and belonged to my grandfather. Antique mini-liquor bottles are stored inside. 
6. Jar: recently purchased on our trip to London & perfectly sized for one dollop of jam.

I should be friends with a mouse.

. . .


  1. Love it!! Good job with the orange and cashew for comparisons. The ship and the clothespin are my favorites. I will forever see tiny things and think of you :)

  2. now you know why i wanted to buy jet so many pairs of socks!!