Wednesday, May 16, 2012

mother's day & napa.

On mother's day, we drove north to Napa Valley to escape the cold-city weather & enjoy the views of Napa's rolling hills of vineyards. We had a delicious Mexican lunch, visited a few wineries, and loved the views along the way. The landscape much resembled Italy and we were, yet again, amazed at how much diverse beauty there is so close to San Francisco.

for breakfast she had peaches, mango, yummy cereal, insta-coffee (we don't own a coffee maker), & cards
from me and my sister waiting for her. nothing too fancy, we just made do with what we had. i love my mom!

my mama was polite company while we enjoyed a glass of fancy wine
(she doesn't drink alcohol). i really like this photo she took.

We took the long way home in order to drive on Highway 1, a beautiful scenic route that goes along the coast. It was definitely worth the extra time in the car. At one point, we pulled over at a salt marsh (not pictured) because we saw some seals in the distance. We walked down to the rocky beach and waited. A few curious ones (that didn't have vulnerable pups by their side) came quite close and one individual poked his little head out of the water and looked right at me for about 15 seconds. Day made.

the view from highway 1

My mom said she loved the whole day for which I was thankful! I'm blessed to have a great relationship with both my mom and mother-in-law, Carrie. My mom is an awesome lady whom I love dearly. She's strong, intelligent, artistic, generous, beautiful, and possesses the all-important-ability to laugh at herself. I love Carrie too, who has really become a second mom to me - she's patient, kind, selfless, wise, also beautiful, fun to be around, and can have good laugh too (obviously an important quality to me). We wish she could have been with us too. It was a great mother's day! Aren't we a bunch of lucky ducks?

. . .