Friday, May 18, 2012

lydia's happenstance hotel.

This week, a North Carolina friend of mine is in town for a post-graduate culinary adventure. We decided to try and meet up if our schedules aligned. After getting the name of her hotel, I google-mapped the directions between our places and this was the result:


so pretty! these have onion, potato, & curry in a spicy sauce.
I love where we live! Needless to say, we hung out. We had dinner at Thai Idea Vegetarian to accommodate Lydia's vegetarianism. She said it was overwhelming to have a whole menu to choose from, as most restaurants have just a few vegetarian-friendly options. Dinner was superb! It seems that every restaurant I try in San Francisco becomes one of my favorites - I have not had a disappointing meal yet. We had Thai Samosa for an appetizer & some gingery-pineappley-peppery-delicious main courses.

Hanging out with Lydia was fun. I miss females (no offense Finn) and our dinner date conversation was an excellent balance of politics, ideas, clothes, her upcoming travels to Palestine & Israel, the health benefits of cravings, hair-donations, crows, relationships, with a healthy dose of sarcasm thrown in. Girls are cool! We can talk about everything!

Thanks to Lydia for spending her free evening with me. I had a happy time and hope you enjoy your time in San Francisco. Safe travels to you this summer!

. . .