Wednesday, May 30, 2012

our neighborhood.

I love the area of town where we live. It's safe, relatively quiet, and very close to:

1) the Financial District, where Finn works.
2) a main BART/MUNI station, which means we can get anywhere in the city pretty easily.
3) lots of great stores & restaurants.
4) the Cable Car line! We are just 1 block from a trolley ride. 

I thought I'd share a few glimpses of our neighborhood, the sights we see every day. 

1 & 2. Our street & our block. I took the second photo outside of Bush Market, which I visit on occasion when I need some produce, milk, or a chaco taco. It's good for quick runs.
3. The Powell Cable Car line: it's so fun to live right by one of San Francisco's most iconic qualities. Mostly tourists use the line and I often shoot them a kind & knowing smile that says "isn't it fun??".
4. Viney Wall: I walk by this wall daily. I love it because it feels like a 10-second nature oasis in the middle of the city. I appreciate all the green I can get these days.
5. Burritt St.: I think this sign says "burrito" literally every time I pass it. 
6. Hill. We live on one. This super steep one pictured runs perpendicular to our street. If you climb to the top, you can see the ocean as well as lots of out-of-breath people.
7. Our building. Davy took this picture our first week here. The buzzer is a facade. I wish it worked so I could be like Jerry Seinfeld when my friends visited.

. . .

p.s. - Today is my wonderfully kind & loving mother-in-law's birthday. 
Happy Birthday Carrie! I wish we could bring you dinner & flowers tonight. Miss you lots.


  1. Ooooh how I love this post!! I get a little glimpse of your lives out there. I like all the pictures! I thought the first one was some sort of symbolism... president bush, feeling like a bush... but then I realized, "oh, they live on Bush street" : ) Is the picture of your block edited to look round, or is that how it came out? I like that picture, it looks like a nice and cozy place to be if you have to be in a city. I like the Trolly car one just because I've always seen pictures (especially on Full House) but have never been on one. Like the ivy, green is refreshing. Definitely had to read the sign twice... burrito on my mind :) Crazy steep hill, almost looks fake. And, of course, one of my favorite couples looking oh so snazzy. Miss you lots. This blog helps me stay close. Thanks for sharing! Love you!!

    1. The photo of our block is actually like 12 photos "stitched" together, which is why it looks round. It gives it a wide-angle lens kind of look but in real life, it's just a regular straight street. And isn't it so hard to not see "burrito" when you see that sign??

      Thanks for the love! : )

  2. i love this post so very much. i needed some of your daily views. you're sweet to send those tourists such a smile.

    1. i don't like it when people are mean to tourists. i want to make them like san francisco even more!

  3. does that say BURRITO?! what a cruel trick.

    1. over and over and over. someone should set up a burrito stand there for disappointed people. they could make a killing!