Thursday, May 3, 2012

hangin' with the kestens.

Davy arrived to Belgium a few days ago & since then, we've been spending time with the Kesten clan! They've showed us around, served as our translators, and have been excellent hosts, even if they do make us read the Flemish menus to laugh at our mispronunciations.

Our first evening in town, they took us to a pub in Hasselt that 
has over 350 beers from which you can choose, all Belgian. Just for reference,
Belgium is about the size of Maryland. And has 350 beers. How crazy is that?

Mr. Kestens! He's great!

Davy and his sweet girlfriend Fedra. She's moving to SF this summer &
I'll be so happy to have her along as a friend. 

Every beer has its own glass here, designed to enhance and prolong the flavor
of each specific brew. I guess you could say it's a step up from budlight.

This is an example of the beer menu. There were 24 pages like this.
Again, ALL of them are Belgian brewed. Isn't that unbelievable?

Yesterday evening, Davy was a featured speaker at a Belgian University student start-up forum in Leuven. The presentation was in Flemish so I made up a game called "act-like-you-understand-and-trick-all-these-other-people-into-thinking-you're-also-Belgian".  Afterwards, he said 
he noticed me smiling and nodding as if I understood. SUCCESS!

davy being a rockstar.

we played foosball while we waited for him to speak. thanks to these
little badges, we got treated like kings!

( ( I would also just like to say, I met André Duval, founder of 
Duval Guillaumethe agency behind this genius commercial ) )

Tonight, we joined the whole family for a birthday dinner celebrating Mieke, Davy's mother. 
We felt so welcomed to be invited along and really enjoyed the great company 
of his family. Plus we had delicious dinner & desserts...a great night indeed!

. . . 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. Glad you are doing well!