Thursday, May 17, 2012

tartine: a love note.

I hereby declare my unending love for Tartine, the most wonderful, most dangerously delicious bakery ever made known to me and located just 3 miles away. Tartine, I will eat your morning buns with severe abandonment as frequently as possible with literally no regard for health consequences. I will most likely spend all my extra money on your pastries and I will defend your name and honor always. It's the yeast I can do (ba-da-bing!). You are my one true bakery-love.

faithfully yours,


( ( but really people, it's seriously so so good ) )

. . .


  1. those look scrumptious.

  2. I love you beth!! Your blog makes me miss you (and Matthew) so much :( Glad you had fun with your mom and aunt. SF looks way cooler than I thought, although any place is cool with you and Matthew there. And of course, our genuine love for food will forever be a bond between you and I :)