Tuesday, July 10, 2012

my people depart.

Our place has felt a bit empty since our friends left. The apartment was at full capacity last week in the best way possible and I miss their pallets on the floor and the extra toothbrushes in the bathroom. It felt like summer camp being all together and, much like Sarah's time here, the week flew by. It meant a lot for them to make the trip out - it's expensive and a long way to come and I'm so thankful they did. Love you friends.

Here's the all-star lineup if you don't know these people very well:

       1. Lauren/LaViss: triathalon-doing, outside-enthusiast, med-school student, early riser, and runs as fast as boys (really). Grew up with brothers and knows a lot about Pokemon as a result. We met the very first week of college & email each other pictures of baby animals frequently. 
       2. Caroline/Liney/Miami: Spanish-speaking, travel-loving, witty-as-they-come, genetic night owl with an affinity for international food and humongous dogs. Also keeper of many hilarious stories as the most ridiculous things happen to her. Has a large crush on South African comedian Trevor Noah.
       3. Nick/Nicky D/Tron/DaBrat: awesome story teller, law-school bound, loud-laugher, and a surprisingly huge fan of "So You Think You Can Dance?". Falls asleep within the first 15 minutes of all movies, talks in his sleep, and is incredibly nice and positive. Nobody dislikes Nick.
       4. Me: I have never received a nickname and yes I'm bitter. 

Here are a few pictures of our time together: 

Outside of Musee Mecanique. Nick and Caroline messing up the photo op.
Finn scored us tickets to a Giants game. The stadium is beautiful!

Nick and Lauren enjoying the cable car ride. Nick befriended the brakeman and even asked where he lived. 
Lauren matching a mural in the Mission.
4th of July in Golden Gate Park.

Maybe my favorite excursion of their time here: we rented a car for the day & drove to Muir Woods, Marin Headlands, and up the coastal Highway 1. It was so beautiful and we had windows down & Paul Simon playing. I had fun driving on the winding roads & we pulled over several times for the views. 

"Do something interesting with the fence!"

I pulled over and these 3 all instinctively ran down the hill to the cliff's edge with no discussion. I love this shot.
Awesome shot by Nick. Lauren is in the corner.

Not pictured: breakfast for dinner & chocolate chip/peanut butter chip/banana pancakes, our evening at a real life speakeasy, playing with dogs in Dolores Park, a chipmunk eating out of Nick's hand, fireworks at Ghiradelli Square, the farmer's market, a traveling circus show, and me doing this after they all left.

. . .


  1. A disclaimer: Caroline is not really cross-eyed. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    1. this is a true statement.

    2. not cross-eyed = beautiful? cross-eyed = not beautiful..... ?!?!?!?!?! why i oughta.

    3. I don't think she meant they were totally exclusive. But you still oughta...

  2. this is the best post. it made me teary-eyed, that's how much i love it. and you. thanks for an awesome week :)

  3. Beth, don't be crazy. OF COURSE you have nicknames! I mean, we may not have called you them to your face but they definitely still count. Just a few off the top of my head:

    *Fat Beth
    *Beluga Whale Beth
    *On the Verge of Albino Beth
    *Big Belly Beth (BBB)
    *Are those Fake Halloween Teeth? Beth
    *Bad Breath Beth (also BBB)
    *Bat Hand Beth
    *Rash Beth
    *Manly Armhair Beth
    *Skin tag Beth
    *Vein-y Beth
    *Yellow Head
    *Do Not Pick Her for Your Team Beth
    *Close Talker Beth
    *Do Not Invite Her Girl
    *Never Gets a Boyfriend Beth
    *Green Card Marriage? Beth

    ...I don't know. This list is pretty weak. I could only remember a handful. But yeah, girl, trust me, you got heaps of nicknames!

    1. well i GUESS that does make me feel better. all press is good press, am i right?

    2. by the way, "vein-y beth" was my favorite of the list.

    3. : ). i like all the bbb ones.

    4. I really used to be BBB in her phone. It's all making sense now....

    5. you were BBB in my phone until this year when i learned that BBB also stands for "Bundle Branch Block" - which is heart arrhythmia. #medschoolruinsfunnythings

  4. my friends are the funnest (yes, funnest. also the funniest, but i did write funnest)

  5. i tried to find the fancy outfits of san francisco people. check out the ones behind nick & lauren on the cable car. case & point.

    1. I guess being warm wins over looking fashiony. At least that's what happens to me!