Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sliding rock.

I wish I were going to be in NC longer, I'd love to visit sliding rock this time of year. I have great memories of that place. We went as kids and though the water at the bottom is freezing cold, it's always so fun and invigorating. If you live in NC and haven't gone, you should! It's in Pisgah National Forest and also isn't too far from Greenville, SC. I think it'd make such a fun and unique birthday party location. Also, I wonder who was the very first person to ride down its slippery rock face and whether or not it was intentional...

(photo sourced from pinterest)

. . .


  1. i LOVE sliding rock!! i was just talking about it yesterday! great minds...

  2. That water was always so cold..even in the hottest summer. It was scary/thrilling/uncontrollable fun!

  3. PS you could seriously bust yo ass

  4. THIS IS ONLY 10 MINUTES AWAY FROM WHERE I AM. RIGHT. NOW. wish you were here too though