Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a welcome to the newlyweds.

Last night Finn & I did a little door decorating in the name of love. Over the weekend, our friends Al and Carly got married! The wedding was in NC and the lovebirds were set to arrive back to SF yesterday around 10 pm. We missed the wedding but wanted to show them some love in our own way. I picked up some streamers, tissue paper wedding bells, and mini-clothespins to hang up a little garland that read "congrats newlyweds!". We left a note on the door knob too along with some pretty tulips in a mason jar. We had so much fun hanging it up was like precursor to a less intense version of playing Santa. Success!

As a side note, we love the Masks (woo hoo new last name!). They are kind, intelligent, and creative. They are easy to be with and we feel very thankful we're getting to share this chapter of life with such an awesome couple. 

photo by The Schultzes Photography

Idea from Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day - she has brilliant DIY creations that I admire very much.

. . .


  1. Love hour dress beth. Makes me jealous :)
    Cara in nc

  2. Replies
    1. thank you cara! i love it because it feels like pajamas : D

  3. Good job guys, I'm sure you made them feel so special. Such sweet friends you are. I would do ANYTHING to get a decorated door from you both right now :(

  4. Love this, love that ya'll get to be such cute married friends! Just a little jealous Brian and I aren't out in SF too!