Thursday, July 19, 2012


A few great things have happened over the past few weeks that I haven't yet shared. 
I've got to now before I get too far ahead of myself with other posts! First up....

Fe Moved to the States!

Fe is the long-time girlfriend of Davy, Finn's co-founder, and she just moved to SF all the way from Belgium. Having her here is great. She lives about 5 minutes away from our place and we now hang out almost every day. Normally we work out together at her fancy gym then try out new tv shows on netflix (typically accompanied by the eating of Belgian chocolate). Last week I took her on her first ever trip to Target. Having her here has made my day-to-day much less lonely and she is such a sweet person. Welcome Fe!

Fe's first time at Target! A momentous occasion in all of America's eyes, I'd say.


I Attended a Putt-Putt Pool Party.

I recently had the pleasure of going to an awesome birthday party for Conor, a guy who went to my University and with whom I share many mutual friends. Conor was kind enough to invite me and although Finn was out of town, I ventured to the party alone-sies because who can pass up putt-putt and a pool?? I had a blast! He built an elaborate putt-putt course in his parent's back yard and everyone played an enthusiastic round. Afterwards, we all ate burgers, swam in the pool, then relaxed in the hot tub. It ruled.

Flo, me, and Conor - such a fun party!

Conor and his friends were all warm and welcoming and I had a very nice time. A day spent playing outside was wonderful and the weather was just perfect, as it usually is on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Just as a side note, it was about 55ยบ and misting like Niagara when we drove back into the city! I love San Francisco, but I often shake my head in disappointment at its ridiculous weather. It's wild how much of a difference a few miles make in the temperature of this area. I'm glad I got to spend a day on the sunny side.


Burch Girls Reunion

I've known Sam, Carlen, and Rachel for 3 years and love them to pieces. They were passing through town on a family vacation to Hawaii and left an evening open to hang out with just me! I care about their lives and well-being so much and was thrilled to catch up with them for a few hours. They are all becoming these wonderful women who I hope will want to stay friends with me as the years go by and they realize how cool they actually are. They're kind, funny, intelligent, and grounded. And cute as can be! I got a little weepy on the walk home after saying goodbye - it's hard to live so far away from people you love so much. 

. . .


  1. if you stay in san fran forever, im moving there. can't stand living 2,000 miles away from you and all these fun times. mainly you, but also the fun times.

    1. I don't see this being our forever home. But if it is, then YES move here.

  2. missprincessadorableladypresident lineyJuly 23, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    what a great idea for a party. PINTEREST THAT *#%!