Saturday, July 28, 2012

susie cakes.

Susie Cakes is a superb old-time American type of bakery in the Marina district of SF. Their delicious sweets are all made from scratch and they always have samples. My friend Carly learned I love their treats while visiting our apartment last week (it was written on our bathroom mirror, naturally) so when we were out doing errands a few days ago, she kindly treated me to a parcel of their mini cupcakes! How nice is that? 

Sure enough, they are as delicious as they are cute. So far, the vanilla one is my favorite. I'm telling you, it's shockingly good. And apparently they do catering too...I'm tryna to get invited to one of those parties! 

. . .


  1. Pretty sure we got susie cakes approx 4 times when I visited Carly in SF. Once a day. SO delish!

  2. That's awesome! Next time you visit, I'll be joining you guys for that once-a-day fix : )