Tuesday, July 10, 2012

lee the PT!

Today my brother Lee found out he passed his Physical Therapy boards!! Lee had been out of college for years and was working as a chemist when he decided to pursue PT school. While working full time, he did night classes & shadowed on his weekends for a year and a half until he got into an excellent PT program, where he won awards for his research, was top of his class and now, after years of hard work, is officially a licensed PT! He's been studying a ton over the past few months and we are all crazy proud of him and the years of work he's put in.

Just a crazy cute picture of him as a little one. Tryna be a dog. Oh Lee.

Way to go Lee! Wish I lived nearby because I'd take you out for a celebratory Bojangles dinner!

. . .


  1. That's so nice, thanks Beth!!! I had some Bo's on Sunday....mainly cause chick-fil-a was closed...and I love chicken.

    1. I can't express how much I miss both of those fine establishments.

  2. what a cutie picture!! i love it