Friday, July 20, 2012

and mail from Caroline...

I also must mention the mail contribution of Caroline which, per usual, offers comic relief. Caroline sent me an H&M gift card that was nearing expiration since she doesn't live near one of their stores. Inside was a small simple note that read, "You really should thank me - I almost filled this puppy with confetti. Instead, I went with this mess-free baby. You owe me one". When she said "I went with this mess-free baby", I assumed she was referring to the simple post-it note where her message was written. This was not the case. Please direct your attention to the envelope below:

Caroline actually mailed me a miniature plastic baby.

"Instead, I went with this mess-free baby" was not a slang phrase referring to the post-it note. She meant it literally! Unfortunately, the baby broke free on its trans-America journey (escape route highlighted above) so the next day when she asked, "did you get the baby?", I was very confused. After a series of strange questions, we both realized we had been bamboozled by the teeniest getaway ever. I wonder where he is now...

. . .


  1. Does anyone know where I can buy a blowtorch? lineyJuly 23, 2012 at 2:59 PM

    Maybe there is some truth to these allegedly "fictitious" Toy Story movies. Mess-Free-Baby is out there somewhere, probably havin a ball with all his plastic friends. And since they're plastic they are in no danger of dying for hundreds, even thousands of years. So they're like vampire toys. Well, that's terrifying considering how many plastic toys there are in all the world. Millions of vampire toys ticked off they aren't played with anymore and fired up by their sense of immortality. WE'VE CREATED TINY MONSTERS

  2. John Rosemond would say you have an overactive imagination and need to expend more energy running around outside. And I agree.