Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the view.

Last night we had dessert in The View Lounge, a swanky bar on the 39th floor of the downtown Marriott. The lounge's huge wrap-around windows give a 360ยบ view of SF, which is especially beautiful at night once the city is all lit up and sparkly. We shared a slice of cheesecake and talked about how long we might live in San Francisco. We really have no idea. Our hopes for the future always come back to this idyllic dream of one day living on some quiet land, with vegetable and flower gardens by the plenty, a hammock out back, and probably a hot tub if I have any say in it. Evenings would be spent on our porch with beloved friends who live nearby, and we'll raise children alongside a ragtag group of lovable farm dogs and some goats too. It's a Tasha-Tudor-esque paradise that we love imagining together, but who knows if that's where we'll be led. Again, we have not the slightest idea. So while we wait to see, we try to practice thankfulness in the meantime for an exciting chapter in a sparkly city and the blessing of not yet having to take care of a yard.

. . .