Thursday, July 12, 2012

3 months.

We moved into our apartment 3 months ago today. I remember driving into the city that morning, all anxious with tangled fingers wondering aloud about the logistics of street parking and moving up to the 5th floor. Finn, who is blessedly relaxed by nature, kept telling me we'd just figure it out. I did not like that answer but he was right. It all worked out fine and thanks to the help of Davy, Fedra, and some high/toothless guys off craigslist, we pulled it off in about 2 hours sans parking citations. Since then, we have had 7 visitors, made some really nice friends, learned (begrudgingly) how to live without a car, become closer companions with one another, and found our "flower-guy", along with a church we really love. It's been a good few months.


And now:

And him.

Goals for the next 3 months: find a chaise lounge, hang up artwork, not kill our basil, camp in Yosemite, go sailing, visit home, and convince our landlord to allow animals in the building, specifically pygmy goats.

. . .


  1. I just looked up pygmy goats...I had no idea. I want one so bad now.

  2. I too am in the market for Pygmy goats. Your home is one of my favoritest cozy spots on earth. I love you!,l

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