Thursday, August 30, 2012


B44 is in the upper tier of my top 5 favorite restaurants in San Francisco. It's a delicious "Catalan Bistro" with tons of tapas and a great atmosphere. As a very special treat, we went last night for dinner with Davy & Fe. The restaurant is located in the romantic Belden Place, a little alleyway filled with European-esque dining, strung up sparkly lights, and tons of outdoor seating. To be honest, I think you could feed me a bowl of dry cereal in Belden Place and I'd be ecstatic. It's just so beautiful, I love going there.

When you arrive, it looks like this...

And by the time you depart, it looks like this!

I was snapping away photos last night, thinking how much I'd love to share a little B44 with you all here. The restaurant has very low lighting so, unfortunately, many of the photos turned out looking like I took them inside a dark room/tanning bed/spaceship. Drat. I managed to salvage some...have a look if you'd like!

Doesn't it all look delicious? Their menu is full of good eats. We were also very pleased to find that Davy, being the charming Belgian he is, has won over the manager of B44 who apparently now throws in a freebie or two when Davy visits (which is often). Last night, a tray of champagne was brought to our table on the house! I think I said thank you like 8 times (rapid fire gratitude is a great way to seem classy). It was a fun night!

. . .


  1. i really enjoy getting to live vicariously through your blog posts and get super excited everytime there is a new one!

    may i also say that those profiteroles look RAVISHINGLY delicious. (interesting use of an adjective for the day? check.)

    1. 1. thanks for all the love, it always makes me happy to hear from you on here :D

      2. yeh they were really good but to be 100% honest, those ones you bought me in Italy on my birthday were the best I have ever ever had.

      3. vocabulary!

  2. mmmm, that looks so yummy. I want to go when we come visit!

    ps," your hair lacks volume".

  3. Best quote of the say "Rapid fire gratitude is a great way to seem classy." you so funny,Beff.

    1. hahaha thank you! sometimes I have great social skills, sometimes I'm thinking "why am I being so weird" AS i'm doing something. it can go either way.