Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the girls.

I am loving all my time with Andy and Lou, or "the girls" as they're affectionately called in our family. I haven't seen them in months aside from a few skype calls with my parents where they cock their heads in the background, confused at the sound of my voice. I adore them both and am trying to soak up the time I have with them. This translates to me lying on the floor with them lots & getting in their personal space to tell them how much I love them. I have maybe become a nuisance to them but I just know how I'll miss them when I go. Isn't it amazing how much we can love a doggie? 

Lou, "the lioness" or "the model". We all think she's a great beauty. She is the sweetest dog my family has ever had.

Little Andy, the mystery mix. We have no idea what she is. When my parents first brought her home, she was fiercely
independent & has slowly become increasingly affectionate. She is now very loving. She also has her own baby pool. 

And just because, the puppy versions of the girls:

Sidenote: Both Andy and Lou were rescues so when my parents got them, no one could be sure how old they were. On both occasions, the vet assured my parents that the girls were absolutely done growing "because of their teeth size" or something like that. Both have more than doubled in size. "Little Andy" was 22 lbs & is now 56 lbs! We like to laugh about his miscalculation & the fact my parents unknowingly adopted big dogs.

. . .


  1. i love this post. & the girls. : ). they add so much joy to life.

  2. Porter does the same with Lainey and Zorro when he is home.