Sunday, August 26, 2012

saturday at the america's cup.

The America's Cup is still in town so Finn and I spent Saturday afternoon at Marina Green watching more of the races. We had an awesome front-and-center view, just at the water's edge (and just behind some 60-somethings who were sneaking wine and really enjoying themselves). The excitement of seeing the races so close-up joined with helicopters overhead, cheering people, a hilarious British commentator, and a curious sea lion who kept popping up close to where we stood all made for a very fun afternoon. 

The day ended with a Dr. Dog show, where, while waiting for their set to begin, we appropriately befriended an actual dog. He was a portly little gentleman named Gus who, being partial to a good head scratch, hung out with us for about 20 minutes. Look at that face! I loved that little guy. The show was fun though we ended up dipping out early so we could hang out and eat pizza at home, TMNT style

. . .


  1. dawg + dr. dog. i love it all.

    1. when will we be allowed to get dogs? how has that time in life not arrived yet?