Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3 hours at home & a campout.

For the first time in August, both Finn and I were home in our apartment last night...for about 3 hours. I picked him up from the airport around 12:30 am, we arrived home after 1, made it to bed by 2, woke up at 4:15, and left SF at 4:30 this morning for San Jose. We're currently camping out in a Chick-fil-A parking lot for their Grand Opening First 100 event. We arrived sleepy-eyed at 5:30 today, will camp in the parking lot for 24 hours until 6 am tomorrow along with 98 other participants, and will all receive 52 vouchers for free Chick-fil-A meals. That's 104 meals between the 2 of us...not bad. I like sleeping in tents and Finn loves free food so this is sort of an ideal situation for us.

Photos from this morning. It was misty & dark - not an optimal waking up environment.

The day has been fun. So far we've managed to nap, read, and eat oreos. We are skilled in the art of relaxation my friends. Perhaps best of all, we happened to set up camp right beside Jeff, a guy from Chapel Hill who knows Nick Dantonio, one of our favorite friends. What are the chances! We have been chatting it up with him and his friend Sean all day. It's fun having campout friends! Plus they brought nutella.

The view from our tent.

Haven't really changed my clothes since yesterday. Don't hate. 

This time tomorrow we'll be 104 Chick-fil-A meals richer and will get to be 
home together for more than 3 hours. This week is shaping up all right.

. . .


  1. 1 - you are 15 minutes away from 104 free chick-fil-a sandwiches at the time of this post

    2 - you should try some nutella on an oreo. yumyums

    3 - i am in class right now and totally not paying attention...

  2. nutella on oreos? i have NEVER tried that! WHY? peanut butter is always my go-to, looks like I've got some adjustments to make.