Sunday, August 12, 2012

it wasn't time to leave.

The original ticket we bought for this trip had me on a flight back to San Francisco yesterday morning. 

I'm still in North Carolina (insert big grin).

While I was at the beach, Finn finalized some travel plans for work that had him out of town in different cities for 9 days right after I got back. We discussed me sticking around NC for those days and decided to pay the fee and extend my stay! So instead of spending yesterday on an airplane, I had an awesome quiet day in town. I went to a sweetie 5 year old's birthday party where I saw lots of family I love. Afterwards, I crashed on my parents' couch and ate Captain Crunch for dinner - a proper summer afternoon. It's so nice having unplanned extra days that leave time for things like a sit on the porch or a morning walk (like the one with Lauren pictured below). The only downside is having to wait longer to see Finn, who I'm missing a good bit already (a nice problem to have). But I'll see him soon enough and am happy with my extra days to enjoy here. 

. . .


  1. You didn't leave on a jet plane! Yeah!

  2. we are all pretty happy too!

    1. Thanks for letting me stay/use your car and for buying all my favorite juices. You are a nice mama.