Tuesday, August 21, 2012

first day back in town / tired legs.

Waking up in San Francisco after 3 weeks of absence seemed to have put a little gusto in my energy for today's activities. I woke up wanting to get out and see parts of the city I missed. Resultantly, I have been all over town today. And it's not over yet! I'm off to dinner in a few hours & Noe Valley after that.

My wanderings for today:

A) Left my building and began a morning run north to Fisherman's Wharf (B).
B) Waved to the sea lions then ran along the Embarcadero until I reached the Ferry Building (C).
C) Ran by the produce vendors of the Ferry Building then turned on to Market and finished my run somewhere between C & D. 
D) Called Caroline, walked home to E, put on warmer clothes & more deodorant. Neglected showering.
E) Left for Fe's apartment (F) to meet her new cat, Mister Jack.
F) Met jack, caught up with Fe, had lunch.
H) Fe and I took the bus/walked to H (Marina Green) to watch the opening day's events for the America's Cup, a huge worldwide sailing competition. Admission was free today & we were all layered up, prepared to enjoy the races despite the chilly SF weather. It was fun!
(After H) We walked a ways then took the bus home.

Watching all the boats jet around the bay was fun - they go so fast. I hope to take Finn to watch a few more races before the event is over. I think I'd enjoy it more with him explaining all they're doing. My favorite part today was when one boat capsized (sorry New Zealand, it was entertaining). It's been a great day so far and I've still got dinner & Finn's return to look forward to. I'm resting my legs in the meantime.

. . .


  1. what a marathon day!!! those sailboats look AWESOME

  2. I'm jealous of this day!! And you are beautiful :)

  3. That makes my legs soooo tired just to read it!