Thursday, April 19, 2012

the voyage west: 1/4

the full-on map of our route west.

Part 1:
Chapel Hill, NC --> Greenville, SC --> Greenwood, MS

We left sunny Chapel Hill Sunday afternoon, just after a delicious lunch at Sakura with friends and family, who all spent the better part of their mornings helping us load the truck. Thank you everyone 
who gave your time and muscles - you rule.

one last hibachi chicken & four-way hug with mr. and mrs. shields.
our parents!

the Rimbeys. i miss all 3 of you!

When the time came, we hugged our loved ones tight & hopped into the truck. We blew kisses and drove away - I'm not gonna lie people, it was rough. We both really love our parents, our siblings, our nephew, & our Chapel Hill community and I kind of fell apart as all those people got smaller in our side mirrors. We look forward to the new comrades who will join our life story in SF but man did we strike gold in NC. 

somewhere in our first stretch.

From Chapel Hill, we headed southwest to Greenville, SC where we rested up for a big day of driving ahead on Monday. As planned, Monday morning we began our trek to Greenwood, Mississippi where our friends Blake & Kathryn Lee live. Blake has been a friend to Finn since for almost 15 years, so needless to say, we were happy to have an opportunity to visit their MS home. The evening there felt restful and nourishing from their fun & easy company to the fantastic dinner/dessert (thanks for hooking it up KL). We chatted about marriage, politics, life plans, & enjoyed a Mississippi storm under their tin roof. It was great & we honestly would have liked to stay for several days as we don't see the Wares often enough but Amarillo, Texas was calling and we were forced 
to depart early Tuesday morning.

Us with the Wares during their wedding weekend.

up next, the mega-voyage from Mississippi all the way to the Grand Caynon.

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