Friday, April 27, 2012

ghent with my gent.

We are in Ghent, Belgium for the weekend & I wanted to share our lovely view from tonight's dinner. 

a little table by the water & a proper belgian beer...and as someone who doesn't really
even like beer, i have to say it's actually quite delicious. go belgium!

just beautiful.
. . . 


1) we checked out of our London digs bleary-eyed around 5:45 this morning (ps we went to bed at 3) and saw a fox about 30 feet from our hotel stoop. shocked, i loudly blurted out "A FOX!!" and he stopped mid-trot to look at us, then continued on into the alley way. It was a surreal & thrilling beginning to the day. 

2) Ghent was the largest city in Europe, next to Paris until the 1300s! Atta boy Ghent. We're looking forward to exploring its old streets over the next few days.

happy friday to all!


  1. i really enjoy your blog. also, i really appreciate your love for animals. i think that's something we have in common & i'm glad. i've loved hearing about your adventures!

    1. thank you MADI. i was so happy to have a comment and from you no less. i'm still trying to figure out what this blog should look like and i'm glad to hear you're diggin it in its early state.

      also power to animal lovers. hope you're healing up nicely & getting pumped for the freedom that's within your reach. post-college is wonderful! have a great week : )

  2. Really fun to read all the little details, and you say it so well!

    1. thanks so much! soon we'll have better internet and access to phones & you'll get to hear more of this first hand : )

      hope things with storm are going well!