Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a birthday away.

It's my birthday!

Today we:

1)  Explored the British Museum
The long list of wondrous items we saw includes: drawings from the hand of Michelangelo, a brick from King Nebuchadnezzer's Babylonian empire, an elegant marble Venus from 180 AD, giant statues from Easter Island, THE Rosetta Stone, and some of the earliest clocks ever made. 

2) Sighted a Double Rainbow
We couldn't believe it!

3) Ate Wagamama
Wagamama is an insanely delicious/incredibly affordable Japanese restaurant. It's not located near our homes in NC or CA so we're taking advantage of its eleven London locations. We actually ate there last night too (yeh we reeeallly like it). Following dinner & after some strolling around, we popped into a little French-esque restaurant for some dessert and celebratory champagne to top off the evening. Cheers to a London birthday!

the museum building alone is incredible!

what a treat!

this is actually from last night's dinner. tonight we scarfed down
our meals too fast for documentation.

Before we moved to San Francisco, my sister made a beautiful (and equally scrumptious) strawberry birthday cake so we could blow out candles and enjoy cake as a family. I really loved that cake (and the evening as a whole) so I wanted to share that too. It was a part of my birthday celebration after all.

I've had a terrific birthday and was happy to spend it with that fun & thoughtful & charming husband of mine. I am deeply grateful for all the gifts I've been given, seen and unseen, earthly and heavenly.  I've a happy life and so very much to be thankful for.


  1. What a terrific trip thus far. Beautiful pictures! Miss you.