Friday, April 20, 2012

london calling.

I was excited to get caught up on posts & finally start writing about our San Francisco world.

Looks like that's not gonna happen quite yet...

Tomorrow, Finn and I are flying into London (!!!) where we'll stay for one week and then head to Brussels, Belgium. I'll be back stateside May 5th & he'll return a few days after me. 

This has all come about extremely quickly (like in the last 24 hours quickly) and is for Finn's awesome job. It seems that being a co-founder of a new start-up is going to mean more crazy in our life (which we like!). I feel immensely thankful I'm getting to go along. London together! Won't that be nice? British accents make me feel fancy even if I'm not the one with a British accent (illogical).

Not sure what to expect internet wise, but I'll aim to give at least a few updates while I'm away.


Funny sidenote: I was on the phone just yesterday with my mom who asked what we'd do for my birthday (which is this coming Wednesday). I think I responded with something like "oh nothing, we'll probably just go to dinner". Life is funny. I love surprises.

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