Wednesday, April 18, 2012

our going away hoorah

I wanted to tack on a few photos from the party our friends had for us in Durham. At the party there were:

- sparkly white lights on the back porch
- glowy candles scattered about
- several preposterously good treats, many from my pinterest. my friends cooked my  pinterest list. still can't get over that. we're talking oreos baked inside of chocolate chip cookies, nutella-banana bread, raspberries filled with chocolate, strawberry margaritas, mango-peach salsa. deliciousness. 
- cozy blankets for the chilly night
-  above all, people we seriously love. people who are filled with light, love, and the best senses of humor on planet earth, at least as far as my opinion is concerned.

all of these factors combined to make me deeply thankful for who we know and hyper aware of what we'd be leaving (causing a few inevitable tears). to all you special people: we love you deep in our hearts. 

great minds, kind hearts, wise souls, beautiful beings, outrageous comics.
if i was a boy, i'd want to date my friends.
a little NC love for our new place.
check out nicole trying to break up the love.
and we love you back!

sidenote: there were in fact boys at this party. not pictured. sorryboutit.

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