Thursday, April 19, 2012

as my sister sees me: beth the elf.

(( I briefly interrupt the sequence of road trip posts to bring you a few hilarious images that cannot escape my mind ))

A few days ago, my sister Robin admitted that whenever she envisions me at the office with Davy & Finn, her mental image of me is wholly based on the scenes from Elf when Buddy visits his dad at work. As it turns out, she just imagines me sitting quietly on a teeny stool in the corner, waiting patiently for the work day to end, discouraged from making a single peep. 

Her confession made me laugh. A lot. And now I can't stop imagining the other ways in which I could channel Buddy the Elf at the office. The boys are currently using office space on a floor with a fancy accounting firm so the context is spot-on, right? Lots of mature, well-behaved folks carrying on their professional duties and all I can imagine is careening down the hall in a rolly-chair or erasing elaborate business plans on whiteboards to draw some cutie forest animals. This type of hypothetical and situational absurd humor amuses me to no end. 



thanks robin : )

I realize this may only be funny to those of you who have seen Elf. If you are not in this population, 
I apologize & highly encourage you to watch it sometime. It's brilliant!

. . .

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  1. ahhhhh!! that is my favorite image of you!!! buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?