Tuesday, April 24, 2012

fun across the pond.

All's well in London! It's dreary, pleasantly chilly, not-too crowded, and full of tulips and lush green grass from all the April showers. I haven't run into the Spice Girls yet but there are still 3.5 days left so my fingers are crossed...

apparently our plane flew backwards. fancy pilot.

After a non-stop flight from San Francisco to Heathrow, we arrived Sunday morning at 7:30 am UK time, with little sleep under our belts. Aiming to adjust to the 8-hour time difference as soon as possible for the sake of Finn's work schedule, we bravely stayed awake all day. 

First order of business: visit the Sherlock Holmes museum of course!
Located at real-life 221b Baker Street, the residence is decorated true to Victorian style and is full of Sherlock-esque relics. We were like kids wandering around, pointing out details that were references and winks to Sir ACD's stories. Neither of us would agree to put on the bowler and be Watson, so here are two Sherlocks: 

We visited Kensington Gardens as well, which was storybook picturesque. We stopped by the famous Peter Pan statue, admired the tulips, and laughed at the fattest pigeons ever to be seen. The day was fun despite our zombie-like state (I slept a full TWELVE hours that night). After some good rest we woke up refreshed and our time here has been great so far. I still can't believe we're here!

The London Zoo is only about 25 minutes from where we're staying, so yesterday I layered up, strolled on over, and ended up staying for about 5 hours. It was an absolute top-notch experience & is the best designed zoo I've visited. I really loved my time there & could write for 30 minutes about the brilliant layout & all the creatures I saw but I'll spare you the narrative. Just know it was really really awesome.

Hopefully I'll get to visit the Tate Modern and British Museum in the next few days. Finn's 
back from the conference so we're off for an afternoon adventure.

have a great day!

. . . 

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  1. I say ole chaps...jolly good form! Our love to Charles, Phillip, Edward and the rest, do tell them how dreadfully sorry we were not to have been there to give you a proper introduction. Cheerio! PaPa