Friday, April 20, 2012

the voyage west: 4/4

Part 4: Las Vegas, NV --> Santa Cruz, CA --> San Francisco, CA
the last leg, yipeee!

From Las Vegas, we drove 10 hours to Santa Cruz, a beautiful beach town in central CA. Finn’s aunt Sharon lives there & we had the good fortune of spending Easter with her, her kind husband, and their fun kids, who are all our age. We’re thankful to have some kin nearby and Sharon & her husband made us feel right at home. We slept in, did laundry, ate extremely well, and had gifts and candy on the table Easter morning! Sharon even lent us her car for a few days when we drove into SF to find an apartment. Without them, our move into 
the city would have been about 3x more complicated.

Not too many photos to share here. Your eyes can have a rest!

this hasn't been edited. this is real life california. the cows really are happy.

santa cruz beach.

such a good moment. the last box out of big-daddy-penske!

The drives to Santa Cruz and from Santa Cruz to SF were both beautiful – giant trees, lots of green, and the Pacific ocean. The moment of crossing over the state line and the early drive into SF caused some stomach tingling on my part. We were finally in California, so close to where our new chapter awaited us, its details totally unknown. We still had the nervousness related to needing an apartment quickly & didn’t know what to expect about moving into a city. Of course, it all turned out just fine.  

. . . 

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  1. I found your blog via a post on Facebook - what a treasure! I'm always excited to find a blogger in my general area. My name is Heather, and I live in Santa Cruz... Nice to "meet" you! Glad to see you stopped by this lovely beach town on your journey west! It truly is heaven here. Can't wait to read more to see how your journey has unfolded in the last year :)