Wednesday, April 18, 2012

gifts of departure.

In the days leading up to our departure, we received several thoughtful gifts... flowers from friends, treasured hours of quality time, a rad framed picture of NC written on by many of our best friends, and a few other very cool goodies, pictures of which I'd love to share.

First up is an amazing care package built by my sweetie sister robin along with my famously generous mama. Inside, a plethora of delicious candies, treats, and other treasures were to be found.  My sister wrapped the box & carefully arranged everything just so. Have a look at its wonderful contents if you'd like:

junior mints, sour patch kids, blowpops, oatmeal, fruit snacks,
 & chocolates to name a few.

beautiful treasures: sparklers, perfume, & 2 of my favorite candies all wrapped up.
this is my sister's handiwork - she has a gifting for making all things beautiful. anyone who knows
her can attest to this.

On top of all those extravagant goodies, we were also gifted with the experience of opening a card each day of our trip. Every card included a collage of handpicked comics (compliments of my sister who shares similar refined taste in comic preference), pictures of family, and a note from someone we love. 
I included an example of one envelope's contents below:

seinfeld standup, pictures of bunnies, encouraging words, and lou & andy. just perfect!

I looked so forward to opening a new envelope every day and typically did so the moment we started up big-daddy-Penske (which was sometimes at the crack of dawn). The notes included encouragement, prayers, scripture, and happy well-wishes. Mostly, lots of love.

. . .

Pictured are Sydney and Grace, two individuals who belong to a group of girls I love an enormous amount. I met them 3 years ago and have watched them all become more lovely, beautiful, wise, and hilarious each year. Grace, who had just received her license (!!!), came over with Syd the day before we left to give me this awesome necklace, handmade in Carrboro. I was incredibly touched and got a little teary (shocking, right?). I care for them deeply and rep this necklace nearly every day. Thank you sweeties.

 ( shout-out to Rach, Carlen, Laura, and Sam. love y'all )

. . . 

Lastly, I'll share the most fun-inducing item we received. My beloved aunt Nancy (all the cousins want to be like Nancy) made us a personalized travel-bingo. She drew lots of items we might see while CA-bound & covered it with a layer of bubble wrap. When we saw, per esempio, a donkey we excitedly fought over who would have the satisfaction of popping the corresponding bubble. At some points, competition got heated. I think the picture of me bolstering a "number 1" was taken during one of the more competitive days.

It made the less-fun states more fun (you know who you are...TX. NM.) & gave purpose to our hours of driving. But really, how cool is this!? It's the perfect road-trip game.

Nancy also made 3 glorious batches of nuts & bolts. Nuts & bolts, you see, are perhaps the largest food tradition on my mom's side of the family and are a perfect mix of chex, cheerios, pretzels, nuts & a secret sauce in which they're baked...the result: a savory, crispy, family favorite. Growing up, we went to the beach annually with all cousins/aunties/uncles and nuts & bolts were as essential as bathing suits & sunscreen. I  l o v e  this mix and felt so honored that she made a batch special for us!

there also was a beth tupperware. it's now empty. sooo.

thanks for reading. a few posts recounting our road trip are up next. 

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  1. This is magnificent reading! What a lovely sendoff you two had from such caring friends. How much more could you possibly be blessed? Just amazing. So happy you are safe and sound.