Thursday, November 1, 2012

throwback thursday: folklore heroes get down.

This is the fifth week of Throwback Thursdays, a series intended to share old photos and stories I love. This week, I'm keeping it short with a share from Halloween 2008.

Paul Bunyan and Davy Crockett get down.

Not pictured is Caroline who completed our trio as Babe the Blue Ox. I like this photo because Paul Bunyan and Davy Crockett would probably not have danced in a basement with Cleopatra & Hulk at 1 am. College Halloweens were a blast with Lauren and Caroline & our costumes got more creative/weirder each year. I'll have to do a post sometime sharing more photos of past costumes. There are some good ones in there.

We spent last night at Al & Carly's cozy apartment in Noe. We ate homemade chili and made our own version of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's apple pie apples, which were delicious. Halloween is fun!

. . .


  1. Your evening sounded fun! And yummy. :) Love the pic - college days are fun to remember!

  2. at the halloween party i went to this year, i danced just like this (but dressed as honey boo boo child). myself. in a sun room. for approx 2 hours. yehhhh, that happened.