Wednesday, November 7, 2012

camping for food.

We are at another First 100 Chick-fil-A Campout today, racking up free food. This time, we're with a big group of people and it's so much fun! We have our own little tent city and the weather is chilly but sunny, perfect for being outside all day. The boys are playing the most intense game of 4 square I've ever seen, literally. That's Finn on the bottom, I'm not even sure how he even got like that. 

And I'm thoroughly enjoying myself because:
a) I like the people we're hanging out with. Everyone in the group is from North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, or Texas and it's just fun to be around people from the south. Living out here, it's a rare occurrence. 
b) I'm using my ultra-cute new Little Mermaid pouch (shout out to my mom). 
c) I packed lots of snacks.
d) I love tents. They're basically forts for adults.

A year's worth of free Chick-fil-A shall be ours tomorrow morning! We just have to weather the cold night ahead, which should be a breeze (I've got wool socks galore). It's a good day! 

. . .


  1. Just another typical outing for Matt'n Beth! Got to love your adventurous spirit. You look ultra cool with your Mermaid!

  2. soooo when are we living near each other again?? i wanna be there so bad.
    and 4 square is LEGIT. get doze free chick'n sandwiches!!!

  3. You are so funny with your Oreos and Little Mermaid is good?
    I dropped of my 25 Operation Christmas Child boxes at Chick fil a today and scored 25 free sandwich coupons - (not nearly as good, but I am pleased.)
    ps I used to be the bomb at foursquare (when I was about 10)

  4. Donna, are you kidding me? I was too. That's it, next chance it's you and me aginst thoze keeds!

  5. A year of free chick-fil-a would be so dreamy.