Tuesday, October 16, 2012

6 months.

We've been here for 6 months (and 4 days, to be exact) and I must say, I like living here. We miss our home state often, especially this time of year when North Carolina is at its most gorgeous and the state fair is happening, but I'm thankful to say we're feeling way more settled here than we were 3 months ago. 

We have great friends like Davy and Fe & Al and Carly who we hang out with almost every week. I'm working often, feeling busy, and enjoying the awesome benefits of Lululemon, which have allowed me to try lots of new studios and classes all over town and feel more plugged into the city. This really is a great city. 

In my 3 month post, I listed a few goals we hoped to accomplish. Here's how everything sized up:

     Find a chaise lounge  Haven't yet found "the one". Craigslist buying requires patience.
     Hang up artwork  Turns out, our walls are plaster which complicates things...efforts to be continued.
Not kill our basil  Our basil plant is now huge! Success! We cook with it often.
     Camp in Yosemite  A weird virus broke out in Yosemite so this trip is on hold until spring.
Go sailing  It was a blast...see here & here!
Visit home  Enjoyed my time so much. 
     Convince landlord to allow pygmy goats in the building He doesn't think this is funny.

Goals for the next 3 months: Get away for our anniversary, ride bikes in Tiburon, make friends at our church, have a happy Thanksgiving with our SF family, redesign finnfolk, celebrate our nephew's 1 year birthday, and I am publicly stating that I will be able to do a split in 3 months. No turning back now...

. . .


  1. also, DISNEYLAND (aka visit me)

    1. YES. seriously, i'll try to make it happen. i would love to come down.

  2. hmmm...you forgot to mention all the nice stuff you are going to buy me and ship to north carolina! must have just slipped your mind, i'm sure ;)
    so funny how we forget about the most important things, like finding me a puppy.

    1. you be careful what you wish for or you'll come home from class one day with 11 kittens on your porch, all wearing halloween sweaters.

  3. Love every single second of this blogpost. We are so incredibly thankful to have you two as part of our SF family -- I count my blessings everyday for it. And...watch out, world. SF Thanksgiving with the Finns WILL be epic.