Tuesday, October 2, 2012

super duper burgers.

  Super Duper Burger is a San Francisco burger place that we've come to love in the past few months.  

                                                             Why Super Duper is Great:
                                     - Natural beef from Niman Ranch        - Fresh & local ingredients
                                     - A long list of topping choices              - Classic and superb fries
                                     - Homemade pickles                                 - Totally compostable packaging
                                     - Great burger alternatives for the non-beef-loving population
                                     - Organic ice cream, milkshakes, or dip cones (my favorite) for dessert

One of their 5 locations is just a few blocks from Finn's office so we get to stop by pretty often. It's one place I like to take visitors because it's a restaurant that is only located in SF and it's just so delicious, especially after a few hours of walking around. If you love a good burger and get to visit SF anytime, go here!

. . .


  1. whoa! that looks so yummy - making me hungry!

    1. i got so hungry while writing this post!

  2. i want one right now, they are so flippin delicious. (i recommend the veggie!!!)

    1. lauren, they have a mushroom one too. you should try it and then tell me if it's good to recommend. because lord knows i'm not ever choosing mushrooms over beef.

      also i hope you come in march : D