Friday, October 26, 2012

this week.

( A little mix of photos from my week )

1. Found this little elephant finger puppet mixed in with my craft stuff. What a cutie!
2. I really want to buy these handsome man boots for Finn.
3. Twinkle lights are up.
4. And pumpkins are out. Everything feels cozy.
5. This pretty jar was a gift from Nicole. Finn & I began using it to collect small and funny memories we might otherwise forget. For example "today our drunken neighbor was stuck in the elevator and was yelling "let me out, let me out". And when his wife let him out, he told her she had a big mouth". Some are funny, some are nice, and we'll read them at New Years. I like to watch it fill up.
6. Anniversary sweetness from our friend Fe. There were two cupcakes but, well, you know.
7. We are a mirror writing family.
8. Best of all, my husband is home.

Have a great weekend everybody! 

. . .


  1. The picture of your kitchen table set so lovely gripped my heart. It is familiar to me yet I know it is so far away. It actually physically hurt a little. How strange it seems to me to have brick buildings in your window view. It is such a far away and foreign life. I am so grateful for technology! I love to talk to you and keep up with what's going on in your world :)
    AND I'm glad Matt is home!

  2. I love you Beth. You have such a nice warm way of inviting us into your world. We miss you both so much!!